Who Are We?

I set up Link Engagement in 2019 after a very successful and award-winning 25-year career in Corporate Communications. I’ve spent the last 8 years working with leaders, teams and individuals helping them to solve their team and leadership effectiveness challenges through training and coaching.

Lindsay Wright - Director

Link Engagement is a training and coaching consultancy which puts business problems at its heart. We’re passionate about helping remote, furloughed and dysfunctional teams transform into high performing ones.

We love tackling change, transformation, organisational, team, leadership and engagement communications challenges in an organisation. We use our skills and experience in training and coaching to help businesses navigate these challenges.

We are accredited practitioners of Insights Discovery, Lumina Learning and Clarity 4D, powerful psychometric tools which we use to help people, teams and leaders recognise and understand their own and others’ behaviours, and then to think about how to flex their style to better connect with others to increase leadership, team and personal effectiveness.

We have also created and delivered bespoke courses in all aspects of corporate communications, change communications, authentic leadership and engagement.

What We Do - Authentic Leadership

Through our interactive on and offline Team Dynamics programmes, we can help you unlock your team’s potential to create a high-performing, more effective, more collaborative team.

Our expertise lies in being able to use a communications background, a commercial understanding and skills in training and coaching to help you tackle your business challenges.

We offer a range of Team Dynamics programmes and 1:1 Executive Coaching programmes and sometimes we blend these to meet your needs. Our programmes always start with asking you a series of questions about what’s worrying you, what needs unlocking and what are your challenges. We then design a programme to fit your specific needs.

Our Signature Team Dynamics programmes start with understanding “How You Do You” with a personalised personality report. It’s our belief that we can’t work on unlocking and improving team dynamics until we understand what everyone brings to the team.

Some of the business challenges we can help you with include:

Transforming dysfunctional teams

Personal effectiveness & impact

Authentic Leadership style

Managing stakeholders

Leading through transformational change

Employee engagement

What We Do - Strategic Communications

We also use our extensive Communications experience to offer additional training to support teams with their Communications.

Examples of this are:

Crisis Communications


Presentation Skills

If you have some team effectiveness challenges, please contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

What We Do - Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Having the support of an Executive Coach or Mentor can be a liberating and rewarding experience. Working 1:1 with someone to help you unlock your potential can bring about profound change. We are passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves they can be and helping them achieve their goals.

The types of issues we help people with are:

Relationship challenges with stakeholders and colleagues

Understanding what’s stopping you from achieving your goals and unblocking that

Helping you define your goals, priorities and actions

Transitions into leadership and managerial roles

Helping you achieve the next step in your career

Managing change and transformation

If you feel you might benefit from some Executive Coaching, please contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you.


What do our clients say?

  • Lindsay Wright has played a pivotal role in the onboarding process of our new team members, contributing significantly to the development of their self-awareness and fostering a heightened awareness of team dynamics. Lindsay’s expertise in Insights has been instrumental in creating a more cohesive and communicative team…
    Through her meticulous efforts, our team members have gained valuable insights into their communication styles, allowing for a more nuanced and effective collaboration. I highly recommend Lindsay’s services to any organization seeking to enhance team dynamics and individual self-awareness. Her proficiency and commitment have undoubtedly made a lasting impact on our team and business outcomes.
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    Justine Kane
    Chief of Staff, Breakthrough Global
  • I had the pleasure of engaging Lindsay on a fairly urgent piece of work for the leaders in my business. From first discussion, I was blown away by how quickly and succinctly Lindsay was able to capture the essence of what we needed and design workshops that fit really well with our organisation and our needs.
    I found Lindsay very versatile and accommodating and our senior leaders consistently remarked that both Lindsay and the sessions she designed were engaging and well received. I also liked her professional background and felt that it added much needed perspective to the work that she designed for us. I look forward to working with Lindsay again in the future.
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    Lisa Farrell-Brown
    Chief People Officer
  • Lindsay ran a number of team sessions for me using Insights to help us work more effectively as a cross functional team. This recognized individuals’ personal working styles, preferences and profiles. She adds tremendous value, not only in understanding how teams can work at an optimum level but also in specific problem solving at a team and personal level…
    Lindsay brings tremendous energy, a positive mindset and complete discretion to her work. It is impossible not to feel energized and reinvigorated after time spent with her with the ultimate outcome being a better performing team and happier colleagues who understand themselves and each other so much better.
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    Johanna Barrett
    Sales Controller, JDE
  • I reconnected with Lindsay recently to do an updated Insights Discovery profile and a follow up session. Lindsay was great and helped me work through the report and understand the differences from my earlier reports. She helped me focus on what is important to me in work and what I enjoy doing the most. Rediscovering my passion! Thank you Lindsay.

    Paula Tallon Bennett
    Tax Consultant
  • Lindsay made the insights day interesting and lots of fun. Other members of staff have participated in an Insights day before and said how boring it normally is, they all enjoyed the day enormously. She is very professional and highly experienced. The day has proved so useful and we learnt so much about our colleagues…
    We put it into practice and still refer to the wheel to remind ourselves how to approach each other. I would highly recommend Lindsay.
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    Andrea Jessop
    CEO, Moo Free Chocolates
  • I can’t speak more highly of the coaching I received from Lindsay. She really helped me to understand the Insights framework, which enabled me firstly to understand how I could improve how I interact with others and secondly how I can also guide my team to do the same…
    This really enabled me to take a step back and reflect on how I can do things differently, which I believe has contributed to a significant improvement in my effectiveness.
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    Lisa Kyriacou
    Retail Sales Lead, JDE UK
  • Lindsay ran an Insights session for me and my team. We knew our Insights profiles already but we find the whole process really effective so wanted to do another session to build on our learnings. Lindsay proposed a few different options and we chose a focus area of communication within the team and with others…
    It was a great session and the team took away a number of actions. I really recommend Insights to anyone and Lindsay as a great practitioner. Thanks, Lindsay!
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    Dave Jones
    Finance Director Retail, JDE UK&I
  • Having worked closely with Lindsay on a number of team projects in the past, I can’t speak highly enough about her infectious enthusiasm, professional approach and ability to inspire when it comes to Insights…
    We planned and conducted a number of team sessions that helped us not only understand how to work better together, but also how our differences could work in a complementary way towards achieving a common goal. The programme itself can offer so much from personal learning to team interaction and will make a difference to how any group of colleagues interact and develop together. If you haven’t yet explored how Insights can help grow your business I would highly recommend chatting to Lindsay and Link Engagement.
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    Andrew Severs
    Sales Lead
  • Throughout our work, Lindsay was incredibly patient, attentive, open-minded, curious, genuinely intrigued in where I am coming from and sharing her understanding with me to make sure I agree with what she’s heard…
    She was so sincere and obviously very willing to help steer me to better directions i.e. simply consider thinking differently about my situation. I have shared numerous challenges with Lindsay (pertaining to difficult topics such as my lack of patience with people, lack of clarity etc), and throughout our conversations, we would come up with a different angle on my challenge. And, that stuck with me. I felt like I learnt a few lessons and I keep coming back to them. She helped me see how different we people are – this is a fundamental lesson I wish everyone learns. Even though I knew this all along, I seem to have simply dismissed that fact in my every-day dealings at work. Having Lindsay navigate me through that process, casts some light and clarity on my frustrations. She brought up topics in our conversations that helped me frame a situation, a problem and a solution differently and more objectively, to achieve better results; I felt exhilarated after our conversations. She helped me gain different perspectives, she even helped me shift my methods of dealing with people and problem-solving. Small positive changes but lasting changes and for that I thank her infinitely.
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    Milena Kirandjiska
    Director Customer Success, UK SMN SAP Concur
  • Lindsay has worked with my previous senior technical managers and their teams on their individual and team Insights profiles to help them understand how to leverage their collective strengths to ensure they deliver on their business commitments…
    Lindsay’s approach is highly effective as it combines her communications background with her energy and passion for helping teams to be their best. She ensures teams leave with a deeper understanding of WHAT they can achieve if they work together and HOW to communicate their achievements and challenges effectively to stakeholders.
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    Anna Barlow
    R&D Science & Technology Director, JDE
  • I felt I needed a sounding board earlier this week from someone who knows me, who knows what I do and how I do it. The events industry like others has taken a massive hit and so have been spending the time to develop, refocus and shift gear personally, something that wrongly had taken a back seat for me (can you tell I like cars?!)…
    So having a catch up with Lindsay Wright of Link Engagement was one that gave me a greater sense of direction. It gave me a feeling of more of self-worth and so positive to talk through options and doing this step change, dare I say, pivot. This lady knows her stuff, engaging people, energizing, managing through change, getting back to high performance after set back. To top it off a really fabulous person, that always makes me laugh. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough for your teams.
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    Sophia Fergusson
    Managing Director, Rabin Events Ltd

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